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Knowledgeable and Service Oriented

We at Pulcinella believe that in order to maintain a reputation for excellence it is imperative that the staff be educated in all aspects of the business. You will find the staff to be friendly, courteous, professional, and knowledgeable.

Every week, each member of the wait staff writes and submits a detailed report on subjects ranging from regions of a country to a specific type of grape. We believe that knowledgeable employees are an important aspect of our business and will not compromise on this issue. Anyone not willing to complete the 'homework' for the week, will find themselves searching for new employment.

Because of our passion for excellence, you can be assured that the wait staff will be able to answer any of your questions relating to the menu or wine list. This ristorante is a place where you can ask the wait person, "what do you suggest?" and actually have an informed answer.

Valued members of the Pulcinella team

All employees of Pulcinella are dedicated to serving you. High standards of excellence is what sets these people apart from the norm. In addition to setting and maintaining high stadard for our employees, we work to help solve problems and create opportunity for them. Our hope is that the experience gained by working at Pulcinella will carry with the employees for the rest of their lives.

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